Hey y’all. My name is Hayley, and as you can see in the picture above, I’m the last thing from normal. Most of my friends would tell you that I like to “tell you how it is”. When everyone else is thinking it but is afraid to say it, who do you think gives in? That’s right, this girl. So I thought I would finally put my so-called gift to use and blog about it.

On this page you will find the contents of my never ending peculiar thoughts. Whether it’s a conversation about ramen noodles or a heated debate on healthcare reform, I’ve always got something to say. But none of this uptight have-to-take-everything-seriously nonsense. Any form of insight usually falls out of my mouth in the form of humor. It’s about time the untold truths behind life’s little mysteries be revealed.

xoxo H

And the answer is NO for all of you pondering on whether my mother really had the nerve to name me after a comet 😉

4 thoughts on “about

  1. Hi. I happened to randomly stumble upon your blog. Great writing, can’t wait for your next entry. I also had one question : How did you choose (Hayley’s Comment) your blog title? After reading your about section I think I have an idea but I always like learning how blog titles come to be.


    1. Hey CJ,
      Thanks! Means alot. Hayley’s Comment was actually one of my friends ideas while helping me brainstorm. A play on words–Hailey’s Comet. What was your idea?


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